Re: TODO list updates

Thomas Leonard <> writes:
> On 29 Mar 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Thomas Leonard <> writes: 
> > > The widget is used in ROX-Filer on my web-site, below.
> > 
> > I can't find it in the filer sources - what's the filename?
> > 
> > Or better yet, just post the code.
> It's collection.{c,h} (attached). The formatting isn't quite GTK+ style at
> the moment, but that can be changed if you want to use the widget.

This widget looks like a reasonable start; the icon list Ettore did
for the really old gnome-fm sources, or the icon list in GtkExtra,
might be good starts too.

What's needed: 
  - define clearly the desired attributes of this widget. I think 
    it should be a relatively small and simple widget, suitable
    for a file selector, I'm not sure it needs to be all that 
    elaborate or have much in the way of features. But it should 
    be defined exactly what the goals are

    (QIconView is pretty nice, as something to look at:

  - some kind of demand-loading would be very nice, so that 
    the list doesn't become super slow on large directories

  - write up a clean API, post it here, and go through iterative
    revision of the API; justify the API in terms of the defined
    goals. (note: should use gdk-pixbuf for the API, since it 
    will be available)

  - all the GUI behavior needs to be very nice; editing the 
    text of the items, the item layout, behavior when text 
    or icons are too big to fit in the grid, scrolling while 
    selecting, etc. This took up a lot of Federico's time in 
    gmc I think.

Basically some consensus-building and lots of polishing/finishing work
needs to go in to one of the existing icon list widgets.

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