Re: Re: Re: GTK 'unload'ability

If you just want to avoid the segfault that exit() induces
via the atexit() handler, perhaps you could just call _exit()?

The only real difference _is_ the atexit handlers,
and you are already saying that you don't want your
modules to be able to use atexit(), since they'll be unloaded.

If you use shared memory or temp files maybe you'll
need to implement some callbackless cleanup mechanism.

- Dave

> Actually, that was the first thing I tried.  I really don't mind it not being physically freed, and I wouldn't mind 'unload_gtk'ing that does nothing,  but the design I'm trying to use for an application, is dividing it up into objects, who are dynamically loaded, each object being a dynamic library. The GUI object is linked to libGTK but the main object isn't, and unloading the GUI object and then exiting the program is a problem... I only really care about solving that problem, not about actually reversing GTK initialization.

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