Re: Re: Re: GTK 'unload'ability

> considering that you don't care about the actuall memory being freed anyways,
> and that the plain library code will be shared amongst different applications
> anyways, why don't you simply implement your "unloading" functionality as
> void
> unload_gtk (void)
> {
>   /* do nothing */
> }
Actually, that was the first thing I tried.  I really don't mind it not being physically freed, and I wouldn't mind 'unload_gtk'ing that does nothing,  but the design I'm trying to use for an application, is dividing it up into objects, who are dynamically loaded, each object being a dynamic library. The GUI object is linked to libGTK but the main object isn't, and unloading the GUI object and then exiting the program is a problem... I only really care about solving that problem, not about actually reversing GTK initialization.

Thanks, Eyal Lotem

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