Re: Too long menus

> > No no no, the combo is for when you can also type something in the box,
> if
> > you have a fixed option set you should use option menu. Combo doesn't
> make
> > a shred of sense if you can't type in the box (why does it look like an
> > entry if you can't type?). :-)
> You can select the text and paste it elsewhere.

You can use the text-field for searches by key-press, and keyboard
navigation hopefully works. I also think Combos are better suited when
your list of items may change. I've always thought of an OptionMenu as a
fixed menu.

> (why does it look like an entry if you can't type?)

It shouldn't. It should look like a READ-ONLY entry. This is why there
is a different visual look when the field is read-only vs editable.


Paul T. Miller        |
Principal Engineer    | Softimage Graphics and Effects Software Group
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