Adding functionality to GtkPaned

Hi all,

I noticed on gnomes midnight commander for example how the panes drag handle
is fiddly and not all together obvious to the new comer. I have implemented
a full length gutter drag handle, so one can drag if from anywhere along its
length (this is a good feature of mswindows), and thereby making it more
usable and obvious, IMHO. I believe I have implemented it so all previous
apps will still work with the box style drag handle, including those
inheriting from GtkPaned, without alteration. I have also updated testgtk.c
to demonstrate the added functionality, with the ability to toggle between
the types of handle and increase the handle and gutter sizes on the fly.

Would this be suitable for addition to the gtk distribution? If so which gtk
version should I diff it against?

BTW will gtkglarea for example eventually make it into the main
distribution? I presume you don't want to bloat the distribution with
everyones custom widgets, so what criteria do you use to decide?


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