Re: what to do with patches

"Shawn T . Amundson" <> writes:

> On Thu, May 13, 1999 at 11:31:29AM -0500, Eric Fischer wrote:
> > I've FTPed some patches to the incoming directory on, but
> > as far as I can tell they're not getting migrated into the patches
> > directory.  Should I be mentioning them on this list too?  (Or should
> > I just be more patient?)
> > 
> > eric
> Sometimes we aren't as efficient moving stuff out of /incoming as
> we would like to be, but rest assured they will get moved.

Hi Eric,

Not only do we move them, we actually do look at/apply at the
submitted patches as well - though again, we aren't always as
efficient as we like.

Right now, patches that are GTK+ 1.3 material are not getting a lot of
attention, mainly because most developer attention is going into a)
maintenance of 1.2.x.  b) thinking about "big picture" changes for
1.3. But we'll try not to let them languish too long.

For patches that fix specific bugs in 1.2.x, it's probably a
good idea to file a report in the bug tracker (see the GTK+ README)
that points to the patch. That way, there is more of
a constant irritant to remind us about it.

It wouldn't be a horrible idea to file "Wishlist" priority bugs
for patches that add new features as well. But that is
distinctly optional. 


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