broken oop ?

please, do not do the following...

guint show_tabs           :1;

in the gtk headers, the store in x bit is a pain in the ass for 
making bindings for other languajes (ie. pascal), why not use
gboolean in case like this ?

Also, I think this broke the object oriented model, because in 
this way I _must_ access a internal field of the object to know
the value of a property, wich should be managed _only_ by their

for example, why exist:

void gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs( GtkNotebook *notebook,
                                 gboolean     show_tabs);

and not something like:

gboolean gtk_notebook_get_show_tabs( GtkNotebook *notebook);  ??
gboolean gtk_notebook_tabs_visible( GtkNotebook *notebook);  ??

the internal property show_tabs should be managed in the outside
by functions, never accesed directly, no ?


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