Re: broken oop ?

On Sat, 15 May 1999, Sergio Kessler wrote:

> ok, but when you work with automated tools to make bindigs, doing
> extra calls that are not part of the original API is, again, a
> pain, usually you have to do it by hand.

Fix the automated tools :-)
> again, if gtk also provide accesors to _read_ (as well write) all 
> the properties, gtk would be more cleaner and will allow more changes
> to the internal fields without breaking compatibility, and, of course,
> it will make the life of bindings maker _much_ more easy.
> Conclusion: I'am not asking to modify gtk 1.2 (of course),  I'm asking
> that if could be possible for authors following some guidelines in 
> 1.3 that could really help us *very* much.
> For example:
> - Use gboolean for boolean fields and boolean functions.

(yes yes)

> - Provide accesors for reading properties.

This will be really really slow compared to direct access.

> - Try to avoid to use something like "flag : x;" wich is not 
>   supported in other languajes.

This should be trivial to parse in and translate into other language

Something better would to have

#define GTK_PUBLIC

And then do stuff like

typedef struct {
	GtkWidget widget;
	GTK_PUBLIC gboolean myfield, myfield2 : 1;
} GtkMine;

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