Re: Installation of pygobject with gtk on windows.

I have a Windows build of gtk+ that includes pygobject. I also have
instructions around somewhere on how to rebuild it. Msg me if you want
the instructions ( I'll have to dig around ).


On Sat, Nov 28, 2015 at 2:37 AM, Lucas Levrel <llevrel yahoo fr> wrote:
Le 27 novembre 2015, Nicolas Brack a écrit :

I'm writing a small application for name generation, that I want to share
with various people.  Unfortunately, a lot of said people are not passionate
GNU/Linux user as I am, and so porting the application for windows is
important.  I am not a main windows developer.  I didn't use C to write the
app and I already have a small prototype in python3 that works under
Gnu/Linux using PyGObject for Gtk3.  I now want to, firstly, have a decent
installation of PyGObject and Gtk on windows so the program run and,
secondly, be able to build an installer bundling the python and gnome
dependencies to run standalone on windows.

For my C/C++ app, to avoid these nightmares (compiling on Windows, bundling
libs and/or create an installer), I cross-compile statically using MXE
( work on Linux, distribute a single .exe .

It looks like the PyGObject package is not available out-of-the-box, but it
may be easy to add.

Lucas Levrel

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