Re: GtkDrawingArea size

On Wed, 2012-03-07 at 09:44 -0900, Christopher Howard wrote:


I'm trying to look through some other projects to see how this is done,
but I would appreciate it if anyone happens to know of the top of their

I guess you can have a drawingarea of fixed size if you put it in a
container of fixed size, ie. make the window fixed size, see

With cairo it is easy to scale your graphics, and you get all these nice
stuff like anti-aliasing, transparency and much more. But cairo is not
very fast -- for my current toy project
( I had to carefully figure out
which redraw operation is really necessary for updating the display. A
complete redraw can take more than 100ms -- but now I have fixed that by
using bounding boxes for each elements, and redrawing only what has
changed. But for fast action games OpenGL may be a better choice. When
your application does not need fast graphics, then you may also consider
other languages than C -- I am using Ruby currently, next time I may
give Vala a try...

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