Re: GtkDrawingArea size

On 03/06/2012 02:08 PM, Christopher Howard wrote:
Hello again. So, I recently started a project to create a certain board
game (in C) using gtk+, and I just started learning gtk+. I was planning
to draw the board graphics, pieces, etc. all into one GtkDrawingArea.
So, how do I fix the size of the drawing area so it doesn't get larger
or smaller than my graphics?

The alternative, I suppose, would be to scale everything against the
actual size of the drawing area (cairo can resize bitmap images, no?)
but presumably that would be a lot more complicated to code, and I would
still need to constrain the proportions of width to height.

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I'm trying to look through some other projects to see how this is done,
but I would appreciate it if anyone happens to know of the top of their


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