Re: Gtk::FileChooserButton

On 29 Apr 2011, at 23:05, Jaroslav Šmíd wrote:

I know this won't help much, but when writing new app, I wouldn't bother to use gtk2 anymore and I would 
use gtk3 instead.

You're right, it wouldn't help in this case because it's a substantial body of code, already written to use 
gtk2.  However, you reminded me of a question I keep meaning to ask about gtk3....  One of the great 
annoyances about gtk2 is the appearance of "grayed out" text.  To the untrained eye it tends to look "bolder" 
than normal text and gives the impression that the grayed out text is enabled and the normal text disabled.  
I know I'm by no means the only person who dislikes this.  It really spoils the otherwise excellent 
appearance of gtk GUI objects (especially menus).  Has there been any attempt to address this in gtk3?


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