Re: gtk 2 or 3

Sorry but this point is not clear enough to me.
Do you mean that GTK+ is not stable enough on Windows (XP,Vista,7)?!

Well, that depends on your definition of "stable". It depends much on
what the GTK+-using program wants to do, and whether continuous
building and testing of the program has been done also on Windows
during its development cycle. Taking some already designed and
developed random GTK+ program that "runs fine on Linux" and expecting
to be able to just compile and run it on Windows without problems just
won't work.

GTK+ 2 is to some extent usable on Windows, sure. Unfortunately, for
some aspects, earlier versions (up to 2.16 or so) are better than the
later ones up to the current stable version (2.22). I am fairly sure
that GTK+3 will not be usable on Windows until quite some time after
the initial release. But I would love to be proven wrong, of course.

And yes, I do say all this even if I am by many seen as the maintainer
of GTK+ on Windows. As the saying goes, "patches welcome".

If you want better cross-platform support, try Qt. (Sure, personally I
wouldn't touch it with a stick. But many people actually like C++,
poor souls...)


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