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On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 10:36 PM, Matthew Allen <list sydneyband com au> wrote:
This sort of behaviour might not be possible with GTK. But at least I
thought I'd ask.

Actually whats the first signal generated when the user attempts to resize the GtkWindow?

I should hook that and stop it get limited to the requested size... then my window is free to resize 
arbitrarily, and I can sort out the layout from there. Is there some way of seeing the signals being fired?

Do you need to let the window be smaller than the space that its
children occupy ?

You could just put everything in a scrolled window and hide the
scrollbars if thats
what you wanted. Otherwise GTK+ should only restrict your window size to the
smallest possible size needed to hold all visible child widgets.

Assuming a sensible UI design; all the window contents easily fit on
screen so you
can then stretch/maximize your interface, at this point the "bottom
up" method of
requesting space allows you to further tweak out which child is going
to be allocated
extra space at resize time.

Does that help at all ? maybe you can explain exactly what part of the
application you
are porting that you are having difficulty representing with a UI in GTK+.


Matthew Allen

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