Re: Bug in GtkTreeView or programming bug?

Am Freitag, den 18.09.2009, 21:44 +0200 schrieb Kristian Rietveld:
On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 6:22 PM, Daniel Leidert
<daniel leidert spam gmx net> wrote:
Thanks for your hints. Yes, the code was incomplete. But I think the
attached code should work. It still returns:

(<unknown>:20960): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_path_to_string: assertion
`path != NULL' failed

Am I still doing something wrong?

Setting the cursor still fails because path "1:0" is not visible in
the tree view (although the path does exist in the model).  It is not
visible in the tree view because node "1" is collapsed.  If you expand
node "1" first, then the call to gtk_tree_view_set_cursor() will
succeed as well as the call to gtk_tree_view_get_cursor().

Many thanks. Expanding the GtkTreeView fixes the test-suite of perl-gtk2
and also my test program.

Regards, Daniel

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