Re: why do constructors return GtkWidget?

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Thomas Stover <thomas wsinnovations com> wrote:
Well that's pretty much how I see it, but creating new derived widgets is
not always the same thing as dynamic interface manipulation. The issue that
grabbed my attention more was the notion of always using GtkBuilder. I'm
just saying I love the ability create and manipulate an entire interface in
code the "old fashion way". Being old and crusty (I'm 29), I take pleasure
in questioning fashionable, main stream, sacred cow, gratuitously overused,
technology. Near the top of that list is anything to do with XML. I miss the
more agitated-old-timer-at-the-bar C code or die attitude that once was
synonymous with the way I perceived FOSS. So while some articulate clearly
of bleeding edge, I'll keep mumbling about often forgotten romantic concepts
of yesteryear like "fun".

Gah, I turned 30 this year !!! haha

My opinion here is that things change, the code we wrote in the last
10 years can be here to stay, like we dont have to go and write it again.

Instead the tasks that used to take time can now be considered "script monkey"
tasks, and the rest of us "C code or die" hackers can move on to more
things that give more leverage to the young and upcoming script monkeys which
may one day mature into real hackers ;-)

This is my sales pitch to get hackers to help me actually write Glade in C,
which I bet is still alot more fun than writing up interfaces using Glade
or straight C, ... any takers ;-P

ok, I'll drink to that. PyGtk works somewhat towards the same end in my boat.


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