Re: why do constructors return GtkWidget?

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 2:53 AM, Emmanuel
Touzery<emmanuel touzery free fr> wrote:
You know what I'm thinking... I think that this is from times where people
used to build GUIs in the code... When they were writing all the container
embedding and all, in C, building their dialogs. At that time that
convention surely helped, you were constantly adding widgets to containers
and so on. Today this is done in gtkbuilder and so what we have left is code
not doing so much embedding in code (though obviously it happens) but
Yes I would say its a historical thing, and I certainly hope that using
GtkBuilder can be the standard in the end (I guess we still have lots of
ground to cover).
Only over my dead body ;-)

Indeed. Not building interfaces manually may save time now and then, but it hinders your understanding of what is happening. For instance when you want to dynamically make interface changes at run time your left with simple hide & show tricks. I can remember more than once when I wanted to tweak someone else's UI so as to do something like add a button that breaks out some widgets into a new window or adds some more widget filled h/vboxes in the mix, only to start looking at the code and see no code. Simple things become intrusive. Using helper tools is fine and wonderful, just don't strive for oversimplifying everyone else's world.

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