Re: why do constructors return GtkWidget?

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 2:12 PM, Thomas Stover <thomas wsinnovations com> wrote:


Indeed. Not building interfaces manually may save time now and then, but it
hinders your understanding of what is happening. For instance when you want
to dynamically make interface changes at run time your left with simple hide
& show tricks. I can remember more than once when I wanted to tweak someone
else's UI so as to do something like add a button that breaks out some
widgets into a new window or adds some more widget filled h/vboxes in the
mix, only to start looking at the code and see no code. Simple things become
intrusive. Using helper tools is fine and wonderful, just don't strive for
oversimplifying everyone else's world.

Im not exactly sure what your trying to say, my understanding is that
in the modern world you create widget subclasses when you need
composite/dynamic widgets, all widgets are generally layed out in some
kind of form, or multiple forms.

Thats my understanding of the bleeding edge of the GUI, I think the OSX tools
(Xcode/Interface Builder) are a little bit ahead of us on this front
... but not by
much, considering that what we can potentially pull off is not restricted to
Obj-C or any particular platform.

Ofcourse I dont always read the headlines, so I would love to hear what
other people think is the bleeding edge to strive for in the world of GUI
development, really.


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