Window Managers Key Combinations and Accelerators

How can I prevent all or some window manager key combinations in my gtk

To prevent the default F10 behavior I already use the following.
  GtkSettings *gtk_settings;
  g_object_set(gtk_settings, "gtk-menu-bar-accel", NULL, NULL);

The "gtk-menu-bar-accel" string was something given from other
questions.  Is there a list of other strings I can use in this place?

Two things I would like to do is override the default Tab key press
behavior and the Ctrl-Alt-Del behavior.

I'm using the GtkUIManager to set accelerator keys, but some keys like
the Tab key don't seem to work.  I figured in my GtkActionEntry array I
could use "<tab>", but that doesn't have any affect.  I'm guessing it's
the Window Manager overriding it.  Is this correct or is it something
else?  Also, is there a place I can find the mapping of the keys to
their string value?



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