RE: How to forbid people to change GtkCheckButton's status manually?


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Dave Howorth on 08/26/2009 04:00 AM wrote:

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned gtk_widget_set_sensitive()


Setting a FALSE sensitivity would be the normal thing to do 
that normal users would expect to see.

If you want to be a "l33t" programmer and program a custom 
method for a custom group of users then go on ahead. This 
kind of GUI development is why your grandparents are so 
afraid to use the computer.

Add my vote.  Although, if you want to be 3133t programmer, go with the
custom image.  There is a fair body of research building around GUI
development these days.  An "affordance" is the term used to describe a
thing that lets the user know they can interact with a GUI element
(widget).  Just seeing a widget that's not "greyed out" is an
affordance.  In this case, a false one.  That's evil.

So, if you intend that the user will never be able to change this value,
either don't use this widget, and instead use a custom image or label;
or if there are conditions under which the user can change this value,
then make it insensitive when it's locked out.

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