Re: How to forbid people to change GtkCheckButton's status manually?

Edheldil wrote:
since the checkbox is not interactive, you can as well get rid of it and
replace it with an image or even with a simple label. No need to confuse
user with an apparently non-working control.


donglongchao wrote:
I want to use some GtkCheckButton to display some status in my app.But I want to forbid my customer to 
change these checkbuttons' status(choosed or not ) by their hands,and they can only be changed by my app 
itself according to  some values,etc..I want to know how to do this.Will some one help me?Thank you.

And I do not know if I choosed the right widget to do this task.If not, will some one tell me which one 
should be better? Thank you again.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned gtk_widget_set_sensitive()

Cheers, Dave

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