RE: Regarding example code (was Why is ChangeValue reentrant)

Sorry, I did post a small example that demonstrates the unusual (buggy?)
behavior in a follow-up post.  The more I dug into it, the weirder it
became, and the more convinced I am that it's a bug in Gtk.  Or at
least, a bug in the HPUX implementation of it.  I'm waiting about a week
to see if I hear back from anyone on the list that they can reproduce
the problem in their environment.

In the example code, it came down to adding a
gtk_widget_set_size_request.  If that line is in the code, then when you
gtk_dialog_run, it immediately re-executes the change-value signal
callback.  Comment it out, recompile, and it works as you'd expect.

I continued to play with it a bit.  I can make other calls besides
gtk_widget_set_size_request that will also make change-value reentrant,
but I couldn't see any clear pattern.

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