Regarding example code (was Why is ChangeValue reentrant)

Well, I was going to post a simple case showing the problem.  Only, it
works in the simple case.  This just keeps getting more and more
bizarre.  I created a top level window, added an hscale, and the
change-value signal hander.  Inside the signal handler, I create a
message dialog, do a dialog_run, and it only runs once.
So, I figured it must be because my original is running through a second
dialog.  I modify the main window to use a button (the original uses a
menu item), it pops up a window with the hscale, and so forth.  That
works, too.
Then, I figure it must be some form of typo.  I go back to the original
and comment out nearly everything I can, even deleting the message
dialog code and pasting in the code from the working code, and it still
fails.  As soon as it executes dialog_run(message_dialog), it
immediately re-executes the change-value signal handler.
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