Re: Layout Composite Widget Components Using Glade-3? / Pluggable widgets replacement for Glade custom widget?

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 2:10 AM, Daniel Yek <dyek real com> wrote:
This is done by installing custom widgets catalog into catalog directory,
installing custom plugin libraries, loading optional/custom plugin
libraries, installing and loading glade-3 custom widget icons, right?

If so, is this not the pluggable widget that I referred to earlier?

Actually no, I think you are getting mixed up the a GtkPlug widget
is that the case ?

Hi Tristan,

No, I think I got the "pluggable" term from the following Wikipedia page. Yeah, the term is probably too confusing to use besides serving as a general explanation in the article.
...Glade-3 codebase is smaller and allows new interesting things, including:
* Catalogs of "pluggable" widgets. This means that external libraries can provide their set of widgets at runtime and Glade will detect them.

If you want to design your composite widget layout in glade,
that is one thing... but its not a custom widget ;-)

I was referring to my own derived widget that mostly just hold standard widgets. If I interpret it correctly, your comment is mostly restricted to the context of Glade, where there is a mechanism to create composite widgets that basically look, feel, and mostly behave just like standard containers.

Think about creating a new "GnomeDialog" to be a composite widget. It would have to be Glade's custom widget if not "plugged into Glade" with catalog and "support plugin", wouldn't it? That was what I was referring to when I said "(custom) composite widget".

if you write a catalog for a real widget that you have written,
a widget in C or another bound language, then you integrate
it (or only fake it..) right into the glade palette - no need for
a go between object.

I found this posting to be informative and mostly answered my question:

However, the testcatalog.xml in the blog is no longer available: <>

I am experimenting with the parent-class construct in the attached catalog, but not seeing any observable effect or errors (after debugged earlier catalog syntax errors.) If successful, do I get a new tool icon in Glade-palette?

This is how I start Glade-3:
$ export GLADE_CATALOG_PATH=<directory>
$ glade-3

Any idea how I can get started with the approach of creating a composite widget in Glade that is basically just a GtkVBox with signal handlers custom code hooked up?

I'm using Glade 3.4.4.


Daniel Yek.


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