Re: Callback Parameters are Switched

dhk wrote:
Tomas Carnecky wrote:
dhk wrote:
I'm using glade for a front end which has a button that when clicked passes a notebook as the user_data to the callback.

I'm using the gdb debugger to look at the two parameters in the callback and they are switched. The first parameter, the button, is the notebook object and the second parameter, the user_data, is the button object. If I don't use user_data in Glade the parameter are correct, the first is the button and the second is NULL.

Why is this happening?
Ok, I think that explains it, but how was I suppose to know that was happening? . . . and what is the purpose in swapping the parameters? Why do that?

There are circumstances where swapping the params is useful. But I have no idea why glade does it automatically for you.


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