Re: setting the font of a dialog widget

Hi Garth,

2008/4/18 Garth's KidStuff <garthskidstuff gmail com>:
 that's not relevant).  If the widget I'm trying to set happens to be a
 Gtk::Label, then it works.  But other widgets (e.g. Gtk::Frame or
 Gtk::Checkbutton) don't and just seem to use their default font no matter
 what.  For example:

I do this with gtk_label_set_markup(). For example:

  gtk_label_set_markup (GTK_LABEL (label), "<span font_desc=\"Sans\"

    // Add the fixed widget to the dialog and size it properly
    m_Fixed.set_size_request( 566, 500 );

Fixed size widgets should be avoided if you possibly can, I'm sure you
know this. gtk has a lot of layout widgets you can use to make
resizeable dialogs.


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