Re: C vs C++ for GTK

Le lundi 26 novembre 2007 Ã 15:56 +0100, Fernando ApesteguÃa a Ãcrit :
On 11/25/07, BenoÃt Dejean <benoit placenet org> wrote:

I've switched gnome-system-monitor to C++ and i'm very happy with it.

It's still 95% Gtk + 5% Gtkmm

Two questions about the sentence above:

- What improvements or benefits did you find to switch to C++?

- have real objects with methods. It helped me to better organize my
code which i failed with C even when i tried to fake OO. Simple class
with simple methods works great.

- was able to design some parts in a clean way with virtual functions.

- simplified a lot of code while moving datastructures from glib
(GArray, GList, etc) to STL (vector, list, set, etc).

- Gtkmm smart pointers helped me to fix/secure some g_object reference
counting issues.

- type safety

- some smart but simple template code instead of writing huge switch
aroung GValue.

C++ means less code.

You can almost write C and yet use some little and smart C++ techniques
to save code. I didn't rewrite anything. I made the C code compile in C
++ and then started cleanups. I believe in incremental improvement.

- Is it going to be a C++ application from now on?

It is since 2.17.x.

BTW: excellent application

There's still so many room for improvements :/
BenoÃt Dejean

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