Re: How to create a self contained GTK+ Application for Linux

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 12:52:23PM +0300, Alan Lake wrote:
    1. I write in Ruby, so I am able to use RubyScript2exe.rb to create 
a self-contained GTK+ application.

  RubyScript2Exe monitors the execution of your application.
  This is done by running your application with a special
  library. After your application has finished, this special
  library returns all information about your application to
  RubyScript2Exe. RubyScript2Exe then gathers all program
  files and requirements (ruby.exe, rubyw.exe or ruby (and
  their so's, o's and dll's, determined recursively), *.rb,
  *.so, *.o and *.dll (and their so's, o's and dll's,
  determined recursively)) from your own Ruby installation.

In other words, unless you manage to make the application
to actually use *all* the dynamically loaded files
(modules, ...) it can possibly use (when some can depend on
regional settings and whoknowswhat), you have to specify
them all in RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.* variables including all their
dependencies...  This can probably work for simple scripts,
but don't try it with Gtk+ unless you have a very good idea
what to put to the RUBYSCRIPT2EXE.* variables (which
essentially amounts to manual packaging).

The worst problem is that the resulting binary will appear
to work properly in your setup, because that's where you
created it.

And of course Tor's point about hardcoded paths still apply.



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