Re: Alternative GTK widgets

On 5/12/07, Shoq <mattes id gmail com> wrote:
Pardon my noobness, but I am new to GTK.  I had assumed there would be a
wealth of open source widgets that descend from the toolkit. I am starting
to think this was a very poor assumption on my part.  I've not be able to
find anything but a few aborted attempts at variations by other parties. Am
I missing something? Is there are directory of other efforts to add value to
the base classes?

There are a few I know of:


This is part of gnome, but you can use it separately (I think). It's a
set of gtk widgets that people have written that seem useful but which
haven't settled enough to go into the main gtk distribution yet. I
think the name is supposed to suggest incubation: if a libegg widget
becomes popular and useful enough, it will eventually get into gtk.
For example, the recent files stuff started out in libegg, I think.


A library of extra widgets, seems nice, widely used.


Sheet, plot and other widgets. This is now becoming a little
old-fashioned (in my opinion), most of their widgets now have
equivalents in the main gtk tree.

In addition, most gtk applications include a set of their own widgets
which you can usually just cut out and keep (license permitting).


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