Re: [SPAM] Portable network layer

Obviously gnetlibrary is in your good books :D
I also found SDL_net, but it requires SDL, and isn't _designed_ to go with
gtk even though it would probably be no problem.

I think I'd rather use gnet than tackle the specificities myself (let's stop
reinventing the wheel eh? :P)
Plus, gnet is just source, so I should just be able to compile it into my
binary, yay!


On 5/11/07, Gabriele Greco <gabriele greco darts it> wrote:

Jonathan Winterflood wrote:
> I'd like to keep the dependencies to a strict minimum (preferably
> bundle-able vs installable), free, and I only need basic functionality
If you want to avoid new dependencies you can use the sockets directly,
the differences between winsock and the standard bsd sockets are mostly
in the error management and can be solved with a few #defines and a call
to WSAStartup() at the beginning of the program.

Please consider that you can also run the socket code in your main
thread attaching the socket signal to the gtk main loop via gio channels.

If you want an higher level api you can try:


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