Re: hbox with "width"

On 8/17/07, Gavin Keighren <s9901726 sms ed ac uk> wrote:

On 17 Aug 2007, at 11:18, Dmitri Hrapof wrote:


I'd like to insert two widgets into my top level window so that the
first widget
always occupies, say, 70% of the total width.
Like in HTML table with "width" attribute.
Is it possible to do this with Glade/hbox properties/Alignment etc.
not resorting to "manual" width calculation at run-time?

You could use a GtkTable with 10 columns, then make the first widget
occupy the first 7, with the second widget taking up the other 3.

Gavin Keighren

Neat idea, I didn't find any other way; except gtkPaned maybe (involves
extra coding to lock it)

For the
Table, remember to tell it to keep the cells the same size
(set_homogeneous I beleive)


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