Re: color of vscrollbar

On Wed, Aug 08, 2007 at 12:24:11PM +0200, Jonathan Winterflood wrote:
Fair enough, but for work-related stuff, we should (and should be able
to) use the work adress, it's much easier than having to check 2 email
adresses, one of which would probably have to be a webmail.
And quite frankly, how hard is it to just ignore the message, knowing that
you're on a public list?

I personally subscribe to 2 lists for personal use w/ my gmail @, and 3
work-related with my corporate @
On the work-related one, many ppl have these messages appended, but no one
really minds.

Hereby I inform you I do really mind.

Actually, rejecting all messages with this confidental
bullshit is a perfectly legally safe thing to do and mailing
list software should do it automatically.

Yes, the goal is really to cause negative effect to those
companies in the long term, by reducing employee
productivity or other means.  I am even thinking about
reporting all e-mail with this confidental bullshit (which
is usually significantly longer than the message itself)
as spam.



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