Re: color of vscrollbar

On 8/8/07, Gian Mario Tagliaretti <gianmt gnome org> wrote:

2007/8/8, Jonathan Winterflood <jonathan winterflood gmail com>:

The "confidential" message is automatically added by the mail servers of
most companies, the users cannot usually do anything about it....

sure, that's why most of the people use a different email address for
public ML.

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

Fair enough, but for work-related stuff, we should (and should be able
to) use the work adress, it's much easier than having to check 2 email
adresses, one of which would probably have to be a webmail.
And quite frankly, how hard is it to just ignore the message, knowing that
you're on a public list?

I personally subscribe to 2 lists for personal use w/ my gmail @, and 3
work-related with my corporate @
On the work-related one, many ppl have these messages appended, but no one
really minds.


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