Re: Combining GTK+ and C++

On Friday 13 October 2006 00:26, Nickolai Dobrynin wrote:

Are there any well-known C++ applications that use GTK+ behind the scenes?
Any links to those?

For some reason, I'm having rough time wrapping GTK+ in C++ in a way that
makes the life span of the
wrapping object equal to that of the underlying GTK instance.  Are there,
possibly, any tutorials on how to
do that with some useful guidelines, caveats, etc.?

I suggest you look at the window.cpp/h, widget.cpp/h and gobj_handle.h files 
at , which 
includes its own documentation.  The WinBase class in window.cpp/h will align 
the lifetime of a top-level widget to the lifetime of the C++ object 


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