Re: Libglade application distribution how-to?

On 11/27/06, Fabricio Rocha <rocha_fabricio yahoo com br> wrote:
Dearest ones,

       I have a working set of .C and .H source files for my
application, a bunch of Glade files and their icons in a subdirectory
called "pixmaps", and I can get all this stuff compiled and functional
through Anjuta. Ok.

       But could you please point out a good tutorial of how to put all
this stuff in a source tarball, so the application can be downloaded and
tested by other people? I could not find anything like that with Google.

Anjuta generates tarball files for your sources. A good one, without
complications. Go to Build -> build tarball.

I am sure I am NOT doing it right:

        - There is all that EXTREMELY complicated stuff of autoconf,
automake, makefiles, etc., first of all. Can I presume that just putting
my Anjuta-generated Makefiles along with the sources in the tarball will
work? Or what exactly must be done?


        - Although Glade can see and draw the pixmaps in "./pixmaps"
when I edit the interface files, I found out (after a project directory
change) that the pixmaps are not found in runtime. Maybe this is the
reason I get those "Failed to read a valid object file image from
memory" when running the app from GDB. How can one force libglade to
find these pixmaps?

If you just use the tarball generated by Anjuta, the paths will be
properly configured (for example if you use the ./configure

       - I have been using the "config.h" macro PACKAGE_SRC_DIR in the
sources for loading the Glade files, but what will happen if someone
wants to build a, for example, Debian binary package with the software?
I suppose there will be no "source directory" in this case, so what
would be the correct way of coding this libglade stuff?

Thank you all and best regards!

Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brasil
The RADiola Project -

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