Re: Accompany index of deprecated symbols with GTK+ version?

On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 12:28:29AM +0100, Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
I wonder whether it is feasible to accompany the index of deprecated symbols 
[1] with the GTK+ version number describing since when the symbol is 
deprecated. Ideally, this should work automatically of course.

I came across this question because developers might need to create
a application that is e.g. downward compatible to GTK+ 2.4. In that
case I would like to have a list of all deprecated symbols upto 2.4.

Well, if you build and test the application with Gtk+ 2.4,
which is something I suppose you do if you want to ensure
2.4 compatibility, you have Gtk+ 2.4 installed -- it comes
with documentation for Gtk+ 2.4 and this documentation
contains the list of deprecated symbols up to version 2.4.



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