Re: Is it possible to implement Zoom/Shrink of a backing bitmap using only GTK+/GDK/GLIB ?


GdkPixbuf was made for you ;-)

Take a look in it's API at

For creating the pixbuf, read

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Em Qui, 2006-05-04 Ãs 14:32 -0400, James Scott Jr escreveu:

I am writing a simple GTK+ line graph codeset to use in my GTK
applications; It's done but not a widget yet.

After reading several books and googling I still have this question.

Question: Is it possible using only GTK+/GDK/GLIB to create a 2000x2000
pixbuf for drawing and have the expose-event scale it to the current
window size?

It seems a gnome-canvas has the notion of world coordinates and
transforms; but I don't see this in regular GTK/GDK/GLIB.  I have
already done this using OpenGL and would like to simply use GTK without
all the fluff.

If its possible/practical - can someone point me to the right source to
learn how to do this zooming thing? or even suggest a few api as a
starting point.  I looked at "void gdk_region_shrink(GdkRegion *region,
gint dx, gint dy);", but I'm not sure it will do what I'm after.



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