Re: GTK file open dialog usability...

There are some useful improvements in HEAD but not in gtk stable yet:

1) There's now a visible text box you can type to in the Open File dialog

2) It's now aynchronous, ie. it will load the icons, file list, etc.
in the background. No more waiting for slow network connections on
remote directoiries. gtk2 is finally ahead of gtk1 on the file dialog

(I'm not a gtk2 developer, this is just my understanding from reading
the mailing lists, hope I've got it right)

On 6/24/06, Ricardo Malafaia <rmalafaia gmail com> wrote:
I personally like it very much:  it's very keyboard friendly.  Some
people will find it a little disturbing that there's no visible direct
textbox to type in, and i would agree.  Not a problem for newbies who
only use the mouse to select anyway, but a little frustrating for
people who wish to use the keyboard but don't know GTK.

Like the other guy, i wasn't able to reproduce it in Ubuntu Dapper
with GTK+ 2.8.  Is it the courtesy of some polish by the Ubuntu guys
or the GTK guys fixing a bug? :)

On 6/24/06, Olaf Leidinger <leidola newcon de> wrote:
> > 1. For example I want to select file from /usr/bin. I type:
> >    /u and '/usr' appears. As new user I type 'u' and then 's'
> >    and get '/usr/src' instead of '/us'. OK, thats bad, but fixable.
> >    I go back and remove all the line, starting over.
> I can't reproduce this on ubuntu dapper (gtk 2.8.18 ). Typing /u /usr appears, but when typing s /us 
appears here.
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