Re: GTK file open dialog usability...



I will explain why I dislike new approach:

1. For example I want to select file from /usr/bin. I type:
   /u and '/usr' appears. As new user I type 'u' and then 's'
   and get '/usr/src' instead of '/us'. OK, thats bad, but fixable.
   I go back and remove all the line, starting over.

I can't reproduce this on ubuntu dapper (gtk 2.8.18 ). Typing /u /usr appears, but when typing s /us appears 

2. When I type '/u' 'b' and then 'ooc' I get '/usr/bin/oocalc2' finally
    selected. But pressing enter returns error: '/usr/bin/ooc file not

Pressing return the currently proposed text is accepted, /usr/bin/oocalc2 in your example.

I have made a page with images to explain what I mean:

I get an error opening this url.

Anyone else finds file open dialog frustating? Any way I can get
old file dialog back?

Personally I like the new one. But the only thing I dislike is in gimp, when saving an image, starting to 
type the proposed filename is overwritten. 



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