Does anybody here have any experience with input methods - especially
SCIM? I have upgraded my GNOME (I use gentoo on AMD64) to 2.12.3, and
installed SCIM 1.4.2. I've had it working before, but now it just
doesn't seem to do anything.

I can start scim without errors, I can see it listening in netstat and
lsof etc, but GNOME doesn't seem to even look for it - at least there is
no reaction when I press the key combinations that are supposed to
activate it, and there is no icon in my taskbar.

Is there a way to get some logging out of GNOME? What is the relevant
part of the system that should handle these things - maybe some of that
is broken, or perhaps there is a configuration file somewhere that's not
right? Or can it be my X server (version 7.0, I think)?


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