Re: images inside labels

Yes, I have been using gtk_widget_show_all(). However, I still haven't been
able to perform this even with an eventbox. Well, its monday, nothing works
right on the 1st day of the week anyway. Thanks.


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Subject: Re: images inside labels

devel wrote:
Well, I have tried placing an image and a label inside an hbox, but no such luck. For some reason, the notebook's tab label is not showing the hbox. Its not showing anything, not even the page number. Very certain I am packing
what and where I need to. Little stumped. Thanks.

gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX (hbox), icon, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX (hbox), label, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
gtk_notebook_append_page(GTK_NOTEBOOK (notebook), scroll, hbox);

Did you show the box and the widgets it contains?  gtk_widget_show()
and/or gtk_widget_show_all(), anyone?


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