Re: Fade between two images (dissolve)

Andreas Stricker wrote:
Saul Lethbridge wrote:
I'm wanting to load two images and fade between them much like the ImageMagick command:

composite --dissolve 100 image1.jpg image2.jpg output.jpg

However I'm wanting to display the image as it dissolves from one image to the other - so it will apear as if one image is dissolving into another in realtime. Can this be done with something like gdk_pixbuf_composite??

I am new to gtk programming...any help much appreciated.

Advanced image manipulation is not intended to be included in GTK.

Wow, interesting way to encourage a newbie. :(

How about "There is no built-in function for this in GTK at this stage"?

However, if you've seen this being done in an OSS application then you can download it, and (with some effort) locate the code that does it in that app.

Not sure what the code for the Gimp is like (haven't looked at it yet), but it's the first thing that comes to mind for this kind of thing. Or perhaps some kind of GTK application that does slide shows?

As Andy suggested, is using the ImageMagick command itself acceptable, then doing some kind of buffer flipping onto screen?

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

There are two solution for this specific problem:

1. Write the fade algorithm by yourself
2. Use the ImageMagick library function directly



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