Re: Signal after Form is completely built

Hi Guenther,

some idea:
* connect the change:handler after showing the dialog
* set the correct row in the treeview, so that the right data gets changed in the entry



In my GtkDialog, I have a Entry Form and a GtkTreeView.
I have connected the "changed" signal of the GtkTree tp
a function which overwrites the entry(but i need that connection)
When the Form starts, the GtkTreeView sends a changed signal and
overwrites the entry. But I want to have a different value for the entry.
My intent was to set it when all the form is built.

How can I achieve my goal ?

On 05-Sep-2005 Stefan Kost wrote:

Hi Guenther,

Hallo List,

I have done a quite complicated GtkDialog.
However, if the complete Dialog is built and display,
I want some entries changed before the user shall
edit there.
Is there such an signal generated ?

Why don't you update the settings after constructing, but before
showing/running the dialog?

I found the name "event-after" but it is called too often.

Does anybody have a clue ?

Guenther Sohler


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