Re: combo rant

I am pretty negative about the combo as a control, not just the GTK
combo.  Widget sets don't have much of a choice but to include it since
it's considered a core control, but as a developer, I try to avoid it if
I can.

As has been discussed previously, the problem with the combo as a
control is that if you have just a few items then your better off
displaying them as radio buttons.  If you have more than say 20 items or
you want to display multiple columns or you want to allow multiple
selection, then your better off displaying a custom screen that allows
the user to easily resize/sort/select items.

So essentially, combo controls are good for very simple lists that
aren't too short.  Say a single column of data between 4 and 50 unique

On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 02:19, control H wrote:

I'm not that negative about a combo control. After all, a good combo like
the Windows one lets me select the item I want quickly and simple (enough),
and in an acceptable style.

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