Re: Glade C code a bad thing? (was: root windows)

Olexiy Avramchenko wrote:

Freddie Unpenstein wrote:

That doesn't mean generated code shouldn't be available for those who consider it the best solution to their particular needs. Write a utility that reads in .glade files and outputs code. Call it from your Makefile to ensure the source files are kept up to date, and everyone's happy.

Exactly, it's pretty easy to write a 'glade-XML' -> 'C source' translator, if someone needs that.

Have you written it? If not, please write it for people happiness. Preferably
of the same quality as if it was written by glade guys.
Maybe it's pretty easy for you, but writing an xml parser and dealing with
all those internal-child things and i don't know what else is not easy for
many people. Especially when they are busy with writing their application
or living and want a tool, not an extra exercise in programming.


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