Re: The expander arrow (triangle) in TreeView

Dnia 23-06-2005, czw o godzinie 11:17 +0200, Colossus napisał:
Gwhere looks like it's using gtk+ 1.2. There's no TreeView in 1.2, and
old tree widget (GtkCTree) uses + sign for expander.

It's uses both 1.2 and 2.0. You can select which version you want
with the configure script. I compiled with 2.0 and I confirm it uses 
+- sign.

Then most probably it still uses GtkCTree with gtk+ 2.0. In which case
it'll show + sign instead of expander arrow. You can check that by
closely looking at how selected line looks like; if it's outlined by
slightly different colour, then it's CTree, if no such border is
visible, it's TreeView. In (0.6) clearlooks case, TreeView's selection
will also be a gradient, in CTree it's solid colour.


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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