Strange combo box

Dear all,

I have a smmoth combo_box, created with the_one = gtk_combo_box_new_text(); I fill it with gtk_combo_box_append_text( GTK_COMBO_BOX( the_one ), nom);
And what I get is indeed a combo_box, but, but ....
  All items are on alist (that's normal)
  The background of this list is grey (who controls that ??)
  The first place/characters/place of this background is dark grey

 That's exactly how KDE or gnome displays it menus, the firts place being
used for a small icon. So some questions :
 -- it seems gtk_combo_box_append_text() uses a stock_item but how to
make it change ?? (That's a wild guess and I barely understand what I'm
     writing ...)
 -- how to introduce an icon if I wanted to ?

Many thanks in advance !

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