Re: GtkButton set pressed

On 6/16/05, David Necas (Yeti) <yeti physics muni cz> wrote:

gtk_toggle_button_set_mode() affects appearance of radio and
check buttons.  What it should do with normal buttons?

The method to set pressed/released state is called
gtk_toggle_bu tton_set_active()

sorry rush mistake.

and it makes little sense for
normal buttons.  You can emit a click on normal button with

Well, just wanted to imitate the mouse click or to be more precise the
mouse press and release signals. I guess I will replace the buttons
with toggle buttons. But now buttons do not make sense to me since
wherever a button can be used then a toggle button can be used as

What for you want to 'imitate' mouse-clicks. At first that can be done by g_signal_emit(). But I have the feeling that even this is not needed. So please tell us what you really want to achive in the end.


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