Re: APIS for Themes

Thanks for the reply. I was able to know quite a valuable information
regarding gtkstyles.
However, what I also need is the API's to query the current active
theme. Suppose I have my own implementation of a radio button. I want
to set its properties (color, size etc) so that it appears like a
native themable gtk style radio button. To do that, I need to query
the current-active theme and set the bgcolor, font etc accordingly for
my radio button.

Once I get the current theme, I can use style-related APIs to apply
style to my button. The problem which I am facing is how to get the
current theme (a pointer to GtkIconThemePrivate or GtkIconTheme.)

Are there any API's / techniques to query Current Active Theme using GTK?

Thanks in Advance

On 6/10/05, Gus Koppel <gtk spamkiller bytechase cx> wrote:
Neelesh Bodas wrote:

I wanted to know exact APIs for getting various theme aspects like
background color of tooltip, menubar, toolbar etc etc. Can sombody
give me any hint regarding which APIs can be used?

For the APIs to be used, see reference links at:

For an introduction to advanced features (theme engines), see:
gtk-app-devel-list mailing list
gtk-app-devel-list gnome org

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