Newbie problems with gtk GtkFileSelection

 I've just subscribed to this ML but for last two days i've been browsing ML
archives to no avail.
 Here is the problem:
 I've created button that in a callback launches GtkFileSelection:

browser = gtk_file_selection_new("Select file");
gtk_file_selection_set_filename(GTK_FILE_SELECTION(browser), m_csOutputFile);
gtk_file_selection_set_select_multiple(GTK_FILE_SELECTION(browser), FALSE);

     G_CALLBACK(kill_browser), browser);
     G_CALLBACK(get_fname), browser);


 User is supposed to pick either existing file (that will be either
overwriten or appended to) or enter name of file to be created.
 All is fine when the file already exists but when i enter some filename in
the dialog clicking on "OK" does nothing.

 I'm using up-to-date Debian Unstable (libgtk 2.6.7) 

 I'd appreciate any help with this (most probably this is the last
showstopper for my app)

 Best regards

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